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From humble beginnings in 1968, the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA) has grown into a thriving community of bear biologists, managers, technicians, educators, and conservationists. We have approximately 500 members in over 40 countries, and receive assistance from donors, partner organizations and non-members as well.

IBA impacts bear conservation through conferences, publications, grants, and our website. Our efforts focus on supporting our members’ work and helping train the next generation of bear professionals. Please help us to help bears by making a donation to IBA, your support is vital to the continued success of our organization.

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John Hechtel – IBA President


Species: Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant Panda)

Location: Minshan Mountains, China (33°38’N 103°36’E)

Wild Population: Estimated 1,864 individuals

IUCN Status: Vulnerable (VU)

Our Mission
We advance scientific understanding and global conservation of the world’s eight bear species.
Our Vision
We envision a world where all eight bear species can thrive and coexist with humans.

Credit: VCG

What's happening at IBA...


IBA’s 2024 Conference is confirmed!

Mark your calendars for 15 – 20 September 2024 for IBA’s 28th International Conference onBear Research and Management. The conference will be hosted by Gordon Stenhouse inEdmonton, Canada! As planning preparations unfold, we will…

Thanks to our friends at Kodiak Cakes and Vital Ground for raising awareness of bears!

Help us help bears with Kodiak Cakes, Vital Ground, and artist Rachel Jung! Back with their Keep it Wild Campaign, Kodiak Cakes partnered with artist Rachel Jung to create exclusive gear to help…

Conservation Candy and IBA work together to help bears

IBA has teamed up with Conservation Candy to raise money and awareness for bear conservation with everyone’s favorite candy, gummy bears. Donating at least 10% of their annual net-profits to IBA, Conservation Candy…

Credit: Sepp Friedhuber


IBA is an non-profit professional society with members from over 45 different countries who dedicate their time to protecting bears. Small and large donations alike collectively fund IBA’ programs including grants for frontline work for bears, our peer-reviewed journal (URSUS) and global conferences. Please consider supporting our work by donating today.


Species: Ursus maritimus (Polar bear)

Location: Northern Beaufort Sea, Canada (77°24’N 120°15’W)

Wild Population: Estimated 26,500 individuals

IUCN Status: Vulnerable (VU)

Membership in the IBA benefits bear researchers, managers, students and conservationists alike. The IBA offers connectivity with peers, professional meetings, publications, and updated information and news pertaining to bears and bear projects worldwide. Membership entitles you to receive International Bear News, and access to our peer-reviewed journal Ursus. It is the most comprehensive publication dedicated specifically to bear research and management. Other membership benefits include various discounts during our international conferences, and voting privileges.


Do you want to help support research that provides scientific information for protecting the world’s 8 bear species? Whether you want to donate $5.00 or $5,000 dollars, any amount helps! Learn more about how to protect bears through our donation program. We thank you for your support!

Credit: Joe Riis

What is the impact of an IBA grant?

I cannot in words convey how thankful I am to IBA and the donors for the grant. This grant in one way or other brought me closer to my dream of working for the bear conservation and helped me in assessing opportunities and challenges for human-sloth bear coexistence.


Nandita Patel

Sloth Bear Researcher, India

The IBA Research and Conservation Grant provided vital startup funds for my PhD research that helped me to meet with collaborators and laid the foundation toward the success of this project, which is examining the effect of climate change on polar bear behavior.


Anthony Pagano

Polar Bear Researcher, USA

The IBA grant allowed us to influence the direction of planning by the Chinese government to survey Asiatic black bears. We were able to recruit and support international participation in both their economic and ecology teams with the help of IBA funds.


William McShea

Wildlife Ecologist, USA


Species: Ursus arctos (Brown bear)

Location: McNeil River, Alaska (59°07’N 154°16’W)

Wild Population: Estimated 110,000 individuals

IUCN Status: Least Concern (LC)

Credit: sarkophoto

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