IBA Structural Plan Summary Now Available

IBA Council has prepared a summary of the transition structural plan approved and voted by Council in June 23rd, 2019. Please take time to read through the plan and if you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to bring them to IBA Council.  You can email any Council member or the Director of Transition.

The following motion to adopt the structural plan was approved on June 23rd, 2019 with 11 votes returned, 11 yes votes, and 0 no votes:

“IBA Council adopts the Structural Development Plan, as prepared by the Structural Development Committee, first presented to Council on January 7th 2019 with the revised version incorporating Council’s comments presented on February 22nd, 2019, as the basis for the future development of IBA. IBA Council shall work on implementing the plan at as fast a pace as is sustainable and prudent, and according to the sequence and conditions outlined in the Plan. Whereas the Plan is intended to be the blueprint for changes to be implemented over the next 3 – 8 years, it is also intended to have flexibility, with room for adjustment when deemed necessary and desirable by current and future IBA Councils. Implementation of some aspects of this plan will require changes to IBA’s Bylaws, so is contingent upon Council and member approval of those changes.  Minor changes to the plan and its implementation can occur with a majority agreement of the Executive Council, whereas major changes require discussion and vote of Council. Major changes are defined as any that alter the hierarchy of the proposed organizational structure or diverge from the standing Bylaws at the time.”