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Effects of a highway on the genetic diversity of Asiatic black bears

Sakawrat Vaeokhaw, Dusit Ngoprasert, Akarapong Swatdipong, George A. Gale, Worata Klinsawat, Taweerat Vichitsoonthonkul , 2020

Female brownbears use areas with infanticide risk in a spatially confined population

Vincenzo Penteriani, Alejandra Zarzo-Arias, Mária del Mar Delgado, Fredrick. Dalerum, Eliezer. Gurarie, Paloma Peón Torre, Teresa Sánchez Corominas, Victor M. Vázquez, Pablo Vázquez García, and Andrés Ordiz , 2020

An evaluation of noninvasive sampling techniques for Malayan sun bears

Tee, Thye Lim, Lai, Wai Ling, Ju Wei, Terence Kok, Shern, Ooi Zhuan, van Manen, Frank T., et al. , 2020

American black bear population fragmentation detected with pedigrees in the transborder Canada–United States

Michael F. Proctor, Wayne F. Kasworm, Justin E. Teisberg, Chris Servheen, Thomas G. Radandt, Clayton T. Lamb, Katherine C. Kendall, Richard D. Mace, David Paetkau, and Mark S. Boyce , 2020

American black bears and hair snares: a behavioral analysis

Steven M. Gurney, Jennifer B. Smith, Dwayne R. Etter, David M. Williams , 2020

Potential for recreational restrictions to reduce grizzly bear–caused human injuries

Kerry A. Gunther, Mark A. Haroldson , 2020