2020 is an election year for IBA members to vote for the 2021 Council term. This year, there are two officer positions: Vice-President (Eurasia) and Secretary, and three Council positions open. The term for each position is three years, begins on January 10th, 2021 and ends on January 9th, 2024. As articulated in the bylaws, a nominations committee was formed in May 2020 by the IBA President. The Committee submitted their finalized candidate list to the IBA President, Secretary, and Director of Transition on July 10th, 2020. The Chair of the nominations committee was Andreas Zedrosser (Norway). Members included Ximena Velez-Liendo (Bolivia) and Djuro Huber (Croatia).

The member nominations period will be open from August 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020, midnight CEST. This member nomination period is open to all IBA members with current membership. On July 29th, 2020, an email was sent to all current IBA members announcing the open nomination periods and providing instructions how to nominate. 

Nominations from IBA members can be self-nominations or nominations of other members meeting the eligibility requirements per the IBA bylaws. Any nominator must certify that nominees are members, have agreed to run for office, and have agreed to serve if elected. If you would like to nominate a member for this year’s election, please email the IBA Secretary, copying the person you are nominating. For specifics on nominating eligibility, refer to the IBA Bylaws.

IBA Council Candidates January 10th, 2021 – January 9th 2024 Term

Candidate Statements will be Available Mid-September 2020
Agnieszka Sergiel

Vice President Eurasia Candidate
Institute of Nature Conservation of Polish Academy of Sciences

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Agnieszka with your questions at:

Alexandros A. Karamanlidis

Vice President Eurasia Candidate
ARCTUROS, Civil Society for the Protection and Management of Wildlife and the Natural Environment

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Alexandros with your questions at:

Alexander Kopatz

Secretary Candidate (Incumbent)
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Alexander with your questions at:

Claudio Groff

Councillor Candidate
Provincia Autonoma Di Trento Servizio Foreste e fauna

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Claudio with your questions at:

Lorraine Scotson, PhD

Councillor Candidate
Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation
Scotland/Lao PDR

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Lorraine with your questions at:

Mark Edwards

Councillor Candidate
Royal Alberta Museum/University of Alberta

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Mark with your questions at:

Marta De Barba

Councillor Candidate (Incumbent)
Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine (LECA)

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Marta with your questions at:

Trishna Dutta

Councillor Candidate
University of Göttingen

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Trishna with your questions at:

Viviana Albarracín Dávalos

Councillor Candidate
Independent Researcher

Nominated by IBA Nominations Committee
Email Viviana with your questions at:

This year we will be our third year using the IBA membership system for electronic voting. To access the electronic ballot, your membership needs to be current. Anyone who is a dues-paying or complimentary member of the IBA at the time that election ballots are sent out is eligible to vote in an election. Anyone joining IBA for the first-time or whose memberships has expired for ≥3 years must establish membership ≥3 months (by August 15th, 2020) prior to the distribution of ballots. For detailed information about election process, timeline, and balloting, please review the IBA Bylaws.

Timeline and Deadlines for the 2020 IBA Election

July 15, 2020: Deadline for Nominations Committee
July 29, 2020: Candidate List sent to IBA Members
July 29, 2020: Member nomination period dates announced to IBA Members
August 15th, 2020: Deadline for new memberships or lapsed for ≥3 years to purchase/renew with voting eligibility
August 01– August 31, 2020: Open nomination period for IBA Members
November 15, 2020: Election opens
December 15, 2020 Midnight, Central European Time Zone (CET) UTC +1: Election closes