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In addition to manuscripts reporting original research, submissions may be based on thoughtful review and synthesis of previously-reported information, innovative philosophies and opinions, and public policy or legal aspects of wildlife conservation. Notes of general interest are also welcome. Invited manuscripts will be clearly identified, but will still be subject to peer review. All manuscripts must be in English. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and subject to rigorous editorial standards.

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All URSUS articles are listed below in order of most recent publication to oldest. The articles are also searchable using the search box below.

Counts of unique females with cubs in the Apennine brown bear population, 2006–2014

Elisabetta Tosoni, Luigi Boitani, Gianluca Mastrantonio, Roberta Latini, and Paolo Ciucci , 2017

Assessment of key reproductive traits in the Apennine brown bear population

Elisabetta Tosoni, Luigi Boitani, Leonardo Gentile, Vincenzo Gervasi, Roberta Latini, et. al. , 2017

Food habits of a small Florida black bear population in an endangered ecosystem

Sean M. Murphy, Wade A. Ulrey, Joseph M. Guthrie, David S. Maehr, Warren G. Abrahamson, et. al. , 2017

Evaluation of intercept feeding to reduce livestock depredation by grizzly bears

Andrea T. Morehouse, and Mark S. Boyce , 2017

Use of spatial capture–recapture to estimate density of Andean bears in northern Ecuador

Santiago Molina, Angela K. Fuller, Dana J. Morin, and J. Andrew Royle , 2017

Diet of Asiatic black bear in its westernmost distribution range, southern Iran

Taher Ghadirian, Ali Turk Qashqaei, Mahmood Soofi, Hamed Abolghasemi, and Arash Ghoddousi , 2017

Is diversionary feeding an effective tool for reducing human–bear conflicts? Case studies from North America and Europe

David L. Garshelis, Sharon Baruch-Mordo, Ann Bryant, Kerry A. Gunther, and Klemen Jerina , 2017

Endoparasites of brown bears in Eastern Transylvania, Romania

Levente Borka-Vitális, Csaba Domokos, Gábor Földvári, and Gábor Majoros , 2017

Demographic trends of a harvested American black bear population in northwestern South Carolina

Shefali Azad, Tammy Wactor, and David Jachowski , 2017

Effects of grizzly bear predation on muskoxen in northeastern Alaska

Stephen M. Arthur, and Patricia A. Del Vecchio , 2017

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