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In addition to manuscripts reporting original research, submissions may be based on thoughtful review and synthesis of previously-reported information, innovative philosophies and opinions, and public policy or legal aspects of wildlife conservation. Notes of general interest are also welcome. Invited manuscripts will be clearly identified, but will still be subject to peer review. All manuscripts must be in English. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and subject to rigorous editorial standards.

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All URSUS articles are listed below in order of most recent publication to oldest. The articles are also searchable using the search box below.

Chemical immobilization in American black bears using a combination of nalbuphine, medetomidine, and azaperone

Wolfe, L. L., H. E. Johnson, M. C. Fisher, W. R. Lance, D. K. Smith, and M. W. Miller , 2016

Habitat use by American black bears in the urban–wildland interface of the Mid-Atlantic, USA

Tri, A. N., J. W. Edwards, M. P. Strager, J. T. Petty, C. W. Ryan, C. P. Carpenter, M. A. Ternent, and P. C. Carr , 2016

Geophagy by brown bears in the Russian Far East

Seryodkin, I. V., A. M. Panichev, and J, C. Slaght , 2016

Factors influencing detection of grizzly bears at genetic sampling site

Lamb, C. T., D. A. Walsh, and G. Mowat , 2016

Assessment of human–sloth bear conflicts in North Gujarat, India

Garcia, K. C., H. M. Joshi, and N. Dharaiya , 2016

Identifying habitat cores and corridors for the Iranian black bear in Iran

Almasieh, K., M. Kaboli, and P. Beier , 2016

Validation of mercury tip-switch and accelerometer activity sensors for identifying resting and active behavior in bears

Ware, J. V., K. D. Rode, A. M. Pagano, J. Bromaghin, C. T. Robbins, J. Erlenbach, S. Jensen, A. Cutting, N. Nicassio-Hiskey, A. Hash, M. Owen, and H. T. Jansen , 2015

Gobi bear abundance and inter-oases movements, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Tumendemberel, O., M. Proctor, H. Reynolds, J. Boulanger, A. Luvsamjamba, T. Tserenbataa, M. Batmunkh, D. Craighead, N. Yanjin, and D. Paetkau , 2015

Predicting harvest vulnerability for a recovering population of American black bears in western Maryland

Jones, M. D., J. L. Berl, A. N. Tri, J. W. Edwards, and H. Spiker , 2015

Abundance and density estimation of the American black bear population in central Georgia

Hooker, M. J., J. S. Laufenberg, A. K. Ashley, J. T. Sylvest, and M. J. Chamberlain , 2015

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