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The International Bear News, ISSN# 1064-1564, is produced with funding from IBA membership dues and is produced three times a year. It is comprised of articles from IBA members and the IUCN Bear Specialist Group. The IBN welcomes articles about biology, conservation, and management of the world’s eight bear species. The IBN also publishes reviews about books on bears, and articles pertinent to bears in history and culture. Special articles of importance to students are posted in the Student Forum. Announcements about bear-related conferences and employment are also accepted.

Editorial Team

Mark Edwards

Managing Editor

Jared Laufenberg

Associate Editor

Merrill Maben

Technical Editor

Colleen Shannon

Design and Layout

Jennapher Teunissen van Manen

Printing and Distribution


Regional Correspondents

Carrie Lowe

Western US and Canada

Nicholas Gould

Eastern US and Canada

Marco Enciso

Central and South America

Danial Nayeri

Central Asia

Stefanie Franke


Jordan Schaul

Zoo and Captive Bear Organizations

Dave Garshelis

Bear Specialist Group

Carl Lackey

Manager's Corner



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October 5th (Fall Issue)

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