The International Association for Bear Research and Management Fellowship Grants
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2022-23 IBA Special Grant Applications Period Closed

IBA began a Special Grants Program in 2020, and we are pleased to continue the program in 2023 with 5 Special Grants open to IBA members.

The IBA’s Special Grants Committee will review proposals and announce the award in late March or early April 2023 depending how many applications are received for review.  

You can apply for more than one special grant; however, you cannot apply for multiple special grants for the same project.

Your IBA membership must be current to apply for and receive an IBA grant. To learn more about IBA membership, visit the IBA website or contact  Jennapher Teunissen van Manen.

Each special grant is listed below, and application instructions are available for download at the top of this page. Please email applications to Jennapher Teunissen van Manen. For additional information about any of the grants, please contact John Hechtel or Jennapher Teunissen van Manen.

2022-23 IBA Special Grants

1. Doug and Lynne Seus Andean Bear Habitat Special Grant (1 Year up to $4,000 USD)
IBA is pleased to announce a special grant focused on Andean bear habitat. This grant was made possible by a generous gift from the Seus family. Doug and Lynne have recognized the importance of protecting and connecting important bear habitat for grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies through Vital Ground, the land trust they founded. They also wanted to assist with an international habitat protection effort through IBA.

The purpose of the grant is to support an IBA member’s project working on the protection or restoration of Andean Bear habitat. Preference will be given to community-based efforts of local conservationists that seek to protect or restore habitat for Andean bears in South America.

2. Chuck Jonkel Memorial Scholarship (1-year $2,000 USD)
IBA is pleased to announce a Chuck Jonkel Scholarship. Charles, “Chuck” Jonkel was a pioneering bear biologist who not only did early studies on all 3 species of North American bears but also influenced many students, colleagues, friends and people who were just interested in bears. As Frank Tyro pointed out: “he connected with people, all kinds of people from post-grad doctoral students to stockmen and kindergarten kids. He always had time to visit, answer questions and share his knowledge.”

Chuck not only worked on some of the early bear studies, but also mentored many aspiring bear biologists who during their careers have continued to develop and improve research, management, and conservation efforts. Chuck helped found a professional society of bear biologists – originally called the Bear Biology Association (BBA) – that ultimately became the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA).

To honor Chuck’s memory IBA is offering an initial 1-year scholarship in 2023. The Scholarship will be handled as an IBA special grant, and that committee will review applications and select scholarship recipients. We hope to eventually raise the funds to make the Jonkel Scholarship an annual grant.

The Jonkel Scholarship is open to graduate students working on bear conservation projects. Preference will be given to work on practical, innovative approaches to human-bear coexistence, that incorporate community-based capacity building and stewardship, or that incorporate different worldviews and cultural perspectives on bears. 

3. fRI Research Special Grant (1 Year $1,500 USD)
IBA is proud to announce for a 3rd year, the fRI Research Fellowship. a fellowship to be awarded in 2023. The fRI Grizzly Bear Program based in Hinton, Alberta Canada and led by IBA council member Gordon concluded in April 2021 after 23 years of applied research on grizzly bears in this province.

In recognition of the work by the many scientists and sponsors who contributed to the success of this long-term program, fRI Research generously offered fellowships in 2021 and 2022 and now again in 2023. This fellowship is available to IBA members in support of research and management activities on any bear species.

4. Elizabeth Grace Fuller Bivins Memorial Special Grant (1 Year $2,500 USD)
Through the IBA Bear Conservation Fund, a special grant in honor of Elizabeth Grace Bivins Fuller is offered for work on any of the 8 species of bears. The award can be a standalone project or as a supplement to a current bear project.

5. KACF Polar Bear Special Grant (1 Year up to $4,000 USD)
The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund through IBA’s Bear Conservation Fund is offering a special grant for polar bear research. The award can be a standalone project or as a supplement to a current polar bear project.

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