Watch these video introductions of upcoming presentations at the 27th International Conference on Bear Research and Management in Kalispell, Montana USA (12 – 18 September 2021).

Carmen Julia Quiroga Pacheco

Prey or competitor? Exploring the Influence of Cattle Ranching on Andean Bear

Jamshid Parchizadeh

Brown Bear-Human Encounter in Iran Resulting in Injury or Death

Ioan Mihai Pop

Prevalence and Predictors of Brown Bear Livestock Damage in the Eastern Romanian Carpathians

Annelies De Cuyper

Grading Fecal Consistencey in Brown Bears (Ursus arctos): Beyond Linear Scaling

Ivan Mauricio Vela Vargas

Spatial Ecology of Andean Bears (Tremarctos ornatus) in Protected Areas and Rural Landscapes in the Chingaza Massif, Colombia

Andrea Corradini

Effects of cumulated outdoor activity on brown bear (Ursus arctos) habitat use: a case study in the Central Italian Alps

Larissa Thelin

Projecting habitat changes for the polar bears of Davis Strait