Sloth Bear Safety

Challenges of Large Carnivore Conservation Sloth Bear Attacks in Sri Lanka


Sloth Bear Attack Behavior and a Behavioral Approach to Safety


Grizzly Bear Safety

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Staying Safe in Bear Country

This is the primary video in the Safety in Bear Country video series, and is a major educational tool for anyone living, traveling, or working in black and grizzly bear country in North America. It includes the consensus opinion of leading experts on bear behavior and its relevance to human safety.  Viewers will develop a better understanding of bear behavior and how this knowledge can help them to minimize the chance of bear encounters and bear attacks. The video stresses that a much greater degree of co-existence with bears is possible if people understand and apply a few safety principles.

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Working in Bear Country

The first 20-minute module in the Safety in Bear Country video series comes packaged with the 50-minute primary video Staying Safe in Bear Country. This module provides additional detailed information on working safely in bear country. It is not a stand-alone educational tool; it is essential to be familiar with the content of the primary video before viewing Working in Bear Country. The module is especially relevant to industry managers and supervisors responsible for the safety of workers. This program is divided into the following sections:

  1. Field Safety, including
    1. Employee responsibilities and
    2. Helicopter support
  2. Camp Safety, including
    1. Location and design and
    2. Attractant management
  3. Detection Systems
  4. Bear Deterrents
  5. Firearms
  6. Bear Response Planning
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