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Agency Manuals and Survey Results

Title: Responding to Human-Bear Conflict & Capture-Handling of Black Bears – A Field Techniques Guide for Agency Bear Biologists and Officers
Author: Richard A. Beausoleil & Carl Lackey

Download Agency Manual

Title: Agency responses to a 2015 Agency Black Bear survey conducted for the Western and Eastern Black Bear Workshops
Author: Richard A. Beausoleil & Steve Dobey

Download Survey Results
Carl Lackey, Chair

Game Biologist
Nevada Department of Wildlife

Reno, Nevada
United States of America

Kim Annis

Grizzly Bear Management Specialist
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Libby, Montana
United States of America

+1.406.293.4161 x207
Dave Battle

Wildlife Biologist
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Division of Wildlife Conservation

United States of America

Maria Davidson

Large Carnivore Program Manager
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Lafayette, Louisana
United States of America

Colleen Olfenbuttel

Black Bear & Furbearer Biologist

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
United States of America


Dave Telesco

Bear Management Program Coordinator
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Tallahassee, Florida
United States of America

Mike Badry

Wildlife Conflict Manager
Conservation Officer Service, Ministry of Environment

Victoria, British Columbia

Paul Frame

Provincial Carnivore Specialist
Environment and Parks

Edmonton, Alberta